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Is a weimaraner right for me

Puppy Training

Get Puppy Advice for your puppy training needs. This is the place to find puppy training tips that professional dog trainers, veterinarians, dog industry experts, registered breeders and other authoritative sources

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Is a shetland sheepdog right for me

Puppy Info

The First Steps to Bringing a Puppy Home Congratulations! You’re the new parent of a beautiful little puppy! You may find yourself asking “How Can I Introduce My Puppy to My Home?” If so, then this guide is the perfect

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Which puppy is right for me

Puppy Finder

If you’ve decided that you ready for a puppy, have prepared your home for your new arrival, and you have read our puppy breed profiles, then you’re ready for the next step… finding your puppy. Knowing where to find your

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Welcome to Australia’s leading Puppy Advice website, run by experts in the industry and specialising only in puppies, so you know you will get answers specific to your puppy’s age and needs during the puppy stage. Find puppy information, puppy training resources, puppy product recommendations, puppy health research, puppy facts, puppy food tips and more! When you are asking yourself “how to train my puppy?” and “what should I feed my puppy?” then look to to have the answers for you!

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  • Is a Labrador Puppy Right for MeIs a Labrador Puppy Right for Me?
    The Labrador Retriever is an intelligent, easy to train family breed. Instantly recognizable and infinitely popular across the globe, Labrador puppies make perfect family pets. Should I get a Labrador Puppy? Labradors puppies make excellent family pets. They are adaptable, social, and affectionate. These characteristics are some among many that have earnt the breed Hollywood fame in movies such [ Click for the full article ]
  • puppy training and socialising your puppyYour Puppy May Be Picking Up on Your Stress And Anxiety
    You’ve probably heard that puppy owners tend to look like their puppies but have you ever considered that your puppy may begin to stress like you? Recent studies have found that puppies and their owners are likely to experience synchronised emotions and levels of stress. The effect of this synchronisation is magnified during times of acute stress or excitement. This reveals that during exam [ Click for the full article ]
  • Grooming your puppyHow to Groom Single Coated and Double Coated Puppies
    Puppies come with a wide range of coat types and lengths. Knowing the correct grooming process for your puppy’s coat type will prevent unnecessary headaches and make their coat shine. The type of coat your puppy has will determine their specific grooming needs. While you can generally tell your puppy’s coat type through observation, a quick google search of the breed will identify their coat type [ Click for the full article ]
  • Puppy training puppy car sicknessHow to Prevent Travel Sickness in Puppies
    Travelling with your puppy can be an enjoyable experience for all involved but carsickness can quickly turn a fun trip into an uncomfortable situation. Yes, puppies can and do get carsick, just like humans. Car-sickness, or travel-sickness/motion-sickness, can cause your puppy to feel uncomfortable and anxious and can cause them to throw up. While some puppies may become carsick quite easily, [ Click for the full article ]
  • Preventing Separation Anxiety in Puppies
    How Can I Stop My Puppy from Having Separation Anxiety When I’m Out? Separation anxiety occurs when your puppy becomes distressed when they are left at home alone. Separation anxiety can cause your puppy to bark, howl, scratch at the door, and chew things. What Causes Separation Anxiety? Separation anxiety occurs most often in puppies which have not learned to be at home alone. Dogs are pack [ Click for the full article ]
  • how to train a puppy dogHow to Stop Destructive Behaviours in Puppies
    Destructive Puppy Behaviour: How Do I Stop My Puppy From Chewing and Scratching? Chewing, scratching, and digging are part of a puppies natural instincts but when these behaviours start to affect your home and belongings, they can become a real nuisance. When owners become frustrated with destructive behaviour, many puppies are abandoned. To avoid this outcome, it’s important to understand why [ Click for the full article ]
  • puppy training and desexingTaking Care of Puppies after Desexing
    Desexing can be an invasive procedure which may leave your puppy feeling a little under-the-weather for a short while. How can you reduce pain after desexing? How can you ensure a quick recovery after desexing? This article aims to answer these questions and more. What is Desexing Desexing is an important procedure that most new puppies (almost 90%) will undergo. It involves the removal of a [ Click for the full article ]
  • Puppy vaccinations and healthTitre Testing vs Vaccinations For Puppies
    Vaccinations are undoubtedly an essential component of any puppy’s health regimen. They provide your puppy with a barrier to potentially lethal viruses such as parvovirus and distemper. Recently, more discussion about the issue of over-vaccination has led to a growth in popularity for titre testing, a process which aims to reduce the need for vaccination in puppies. What is Titre Testing? [ Click for the full article ]

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