15 Puppy Approved People Foods

Puppies have peculiar digestive systems which are different to our own. Thus, it always pays to be on the safe side when it comes to feeding your puppy human foods. This article looks at some of the human foods which are approved for puppy consumption. Alternatively, check out our article, 10 Foods You Should Never Feed Your Puppy, for a list of foods that puppies should not eat.

What Fruits and Vegetables Can Puppies Eat?  

Mango: Puppy Approved  

Mangoes are a great occasional treat for your puppy. They provide important nutrients and lots of fibre. Always remove the pit and skin before feeding mangoes to your puppy. 

Watermelon: Puppy Approved

Watermelon is low in calories and packed with nutrients. Your puppy can eat watermelon, as long as the seeds and rind are removed (these can be choking hazards). 

Apples: Puppy Approved

Puppies can eat apples if they are sliced. Apples are highly nutritious, containing fibre, minerals, and vitamins. Before feeding an apple to your puppy, make sure to remove the seeds as these contain chemicals which can be dangerous in large quantities. 

Carrots: Puppy Approved

Puppies can eat carrots, both raw and cooked. Carrots are good for your puppy because they contain high amounts of fibre, minerals and vitamins. They are also low in calories, so they are great for your puppy to snack on.  

Bananas: Puppy Approved

Puppies can eat bananas. Bananas are high in vitamins, minerals, and fibre. Bananas can be mixed into kibble and dog food to provide your puppy with vital nutrients and balance out their diet.

Can Puppies Eat Meat?

Raw Mince: Puppy Approved

As long as it’s lean and high quality, puppies can eat raw mince. In fact, raw mince can be used as a cheap and extremely effective treat during obedience training. Raw mince can occasionally be used in addition to kibble as part of a puppy’s regular diet.

Cooked Chicken: Puppy Approved

Cooked chicken is good for puppies. It is a common ingredient in dog foods and a great source of protein. When feeding your puppy chicken, remove any bones and cook to avoid the risk of salmonella. 

Fish: Puppy Approved

Cooked fish is healthy for puppies. Puppies can eat salmon, whitefish, and other types of short-lived fish. When feeding your puppy fish, make sure it is cooked to avoid any potentially deadly parasites. 

Cooked Pork: Puppy Approved

Puppies can eat cooked pork, as long as it is free from spices and seasonings. Puppies should not be fed raw pork, as it can contain potentially harmful bacteria. In addition, puppies should not be fed processed pork (bacon and ham) as they contain high amounts of salt.

Can Puppies Eat Dairy?  

Yoghurt: Puppy Approved (Limited)  

Puppies can eat yoghurt in small amounts. Yoghurt can provide your puppy with calcium, protein, and probiotics for gut health. When feeding your puppy yoghurt, ensure that you buy a variety which is free from artificial sweeteners and flavours. Natural plain yoghurt is recommended.

Cheese: Puppy Approved (Limited)   

Most puppies can eat cheese in small amounts.  Some puppies cannot eat cheese because of its high lactose content. Introduce cheese to your puppy in small amounts and keep an eye out for symptoms of lactose intolerance (diarrhoea, vomiting and pain).

What Other Human Foods Can Puppies Eat?   

Cooked Eggs: Puppy Approved

Puppies can eat cooked eggs. In fact, a single cooked egg can provide almost every mineral and vitamin your puppy needs, as well as loads of protein. Keep in mind that raw eggs can carry bacteria such as salmonella which can harm your puppy and be transferred to humans.    

Peanut Butter: Definitely Puppy Approved (Moderate)

Peanut butter is healthy for puppies to eat in moderation and does not contain xylitol. It can be a great treat for training, can help to give your puppy medicines, and can help when socialising your puppy. Be careful not to feed your puppy too much peanut butter as it is high in calories and can cause obesity when over eaten.

Bread: Puppy Approved

Generally, bread is safe for puppies to eat. White and wholegrain bread are safe as an occasional treat for your puppy, however, ensure that there are not additional ingredients such as raisins which are dangerous for your puppy.

Oats and Rice: Puppy Approved

Puppies can eat oats and rice. These grains provide lots of fibre, and some vitamins and minerals. Oats and rice are high in calories and are used as fillers in most dog foods, for this reason, feed your puppy these foods in moderation to avoid weight gain.

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