7 Signs Your Puppy is Spoilt

We all love to spoil out puppies. We want them to feel happy and safe and we’ll stop at nothing to make this happen. But let’s face it, sometimes we spoil our puppies a little too much.

With a rising number of dual-income families with no children, it’s no surprise that our pets are becoming increasingly spoilt. The term “fur-baby” arose out of this obsession with canine excess and has come to define our relationship with our puppies.

But how do you know if your puppy is spoilt? Are you just treating your puppy with the fairness and kindness it deserves, or are you taking it to the next level? Let’s find out.

Is My Puppy spoilt?

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Puppy with new skills

#1 When you’re eating, your puppy is eating too

Let’s face it. You treat your puppy like there’s no tomorrow. When you sit down with something to eat, there’s a good chance that your puppy is going to get some too. What’s more, you have a list of homemade treats that you love to make for your puppy.

If this is you, check out our list of Puppy Approved Human Foods for treats to share.

#2 Your puppy’s food is homemade or is “vegan”, “organic”, or “free-range”

Buzz words like “vegan”, “gluten-free”, “organic”, and “free-range” have taken over the packaging of human foods and have begun to filter into the puppy world. If you find yourself reaching for the free-range puppy foods, then there’s a good chance you own a spoilt puppy.

If your puppy is even more spoilt, then you prepare your puppies meals yourself, by hand, using human grade products and ensuring that every meal has a touch of love.

If you love to spoil your puppy with homemade meals, then have a look at our DIY Puppy Treats article for some delicious and easy to make treats.

#3 Your puppy has more outfits than you 

Some people enjoy shopping for new clothes. Some people enjoy shopping for clothes for their puppies. If you’re a member of the latter, then there’s a possibility you may be spoiling your puppy. Christmas outfits, Easter outfits, dress ups, walking outfits… if your puppy has it all then they’re a member of a canine elite. At least they look good though.

#4 You plan your weekend around your puppy

Your friend calls you up and asks you what you’re doing this Saturday. They have plans and want you to come out with them… What’s your first thought? If you answered, “what will I do with my puppy?” then you’re the proud owner of a spoilt puppy.

If leaving your puppy alone for any period of time is a concern for you, then perhaps you should consider employing crate training. It’s a great technique for keeping your puppy calm over short periods and will assist puppy sitters if you intend to be out for a longer period.

#5 Your choice of restaurant is dictated by how well they accommodate puppies

Puppies make perfect lunch companions but unfortunately some restaurants aren’t exactly puppy friendly. If your lunch dates are planned around whether a restaurant is puppy friendly or not, then you probably spoil your puppy in other ways too.

#6 Your puppy has its own calendar

There is a socially elite sub-class of puppies who attend a range of social engagements. Puppy weddings, puppy birthdays. If your puppy needs their own calendar just to keep their social engagements organised, then they’re probably extremely spoilt. Not many puppies have to organise their lives. At least your puppy is living their best life though.

#7 Your puppy has an Instagram account

Pet Instagram accounts are a massively growing past time. Some of these social media accounts have massive dedicated following. If your puppy is one of these “celebrity” pooches, then consider yourself the owner of a spoilt puppy.

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Is There Anything Wrong with Owning a Spoilt Puppy

Yes and no. Your relationship with your puppy is all about balance. While treating your puppy with love and respect is important for their happiness, excessively spoiling them can lead to anxiety, mistrust, and misunderstanding.

Its important to ensure that your puppy is only ever eating a balanced, appropriate diet which incorporates protein, carbohydrates, and fats. Spoiling your puppy with treats and human foods can cause obesity and health issues such as heart disease and diabetes.

While your puppy is your “fur-baby”, they also need to understand that you are the “master”. Treating your puppy like a member of the family must be balanced with obedience training and loving but a firm stance on guidelines to ensure that they understand what is acceptable and what is not. For an example, puppy and children will try win the mind game against the parent or leader, but be firm in the decision you make and they will see the leadership quality when making the decision and standing by it, you can reinforce behaviour by feeding a treat and praise or petting.

While spoiling your puppy is generally completely safe, its important, like all things, to maintain a balance. This ensures your relationship will be happy and long-lasting.

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