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Meet Anthony and Angelica!

Puppy Advice Founders / Content Creators / Registered Breeders / Professional Dog Trainers / Dog Show Handlers & Exhibitors

Being raised on acreage, Anthony grew up seeing animals all his life and developed a love for them, especially for the loyal dog.

Being the daughter of vets, Angelica grew up seeing animals all her life and developed a love for them, especially for the loyal dog.

It was a no brainer then, that Angelica and Anthony were destined to live a life together with their kids surrounded by dogs and nature.

Almost by accident and certainly by guidance, they went on to become experts in the field of puppies and dogs. They are the leading authority on their registered breed and have been awarded Best Breeder three years in a row for their chosen breed specialty.

Taking care of things outside of ourselves has always been a passion for us and gives us purpose. Through this Puppy Advice website, we can extend our reach to help even more people and their loved ones (both human and canine!) live out an optimum puppy experience.

Angelica & Anthony – Puppy Advice Founders

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Very thoughtful advice that has helped me finaly obtain well behaved pups. Thank you puppyadvice.co.au

Posted by Kyle Moana on Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Top of the line Akita breeder in Australia. First importer of these beautiful dogs from the land of the rising sun. Anthony is genuinely an awesome person

Posted by Jet Roland NiƱo Canilao on Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Finally no a page full of just pictures, but useful information! Create page helped heaps

Posted by Nick Elj on Wednesday, June 26, 2019