How To Bathe Your Puppy

Bathing your puppy can be an interesting experience to say the least. While some puppies love being pampered, some are fierce objectors to water and shampoo. To avoid major problems, it’s always a great idea to socialise your puppy by giving them positive exposure to whatever you want them to be comfortable with as an adult dog, so getting your puppy used to bathing and grooming routines early is a must. Follow our puppy grooming guide below for the best results.

  • Thoroughly Wet Your Puppy

Shampoo works best when applied to wet hair. The wetter your puppy’s coat, the more evenly the shampoo will cover and penetrate your puppy’s coat. It may help to gradually add small amounts of shampoo to break down any grease layer that may have accumulated in your puppy’s coat. This allows the water to penetrate the coat more evenly and effectively.

  • Apply A Safe, Non-Toxic Puppy Shampoo

Use a sponge or cloth to apply the puppy shampoo. This way, you avoid using more than needed to coat the puppies fur. Most veterinarian supplied shampoos will be concentrated so you won’t need a lot to sufficiently clean your puppy’s coat. Be careful when applying shampoo around the puppy’s face as these areas can be sensitive and getting shampoo in the eye is never fun.

Remember to always add more water before adding more shampoo. Shampoo doesn’t lather well in the absence of water.

Apply the shampoo all over, including the lips, muzzle, tail and under tail area. These areas are the most likely to host bacterial and fungal infections so it is important to give them extra attention when washing your puppy.

  • Allow Time for Medicated Shampoos To Activate In Your Puppy’s Coat

Medicated shampoos generally take some time to activate and work. Read the label on the bottle to find how long your puppy needs to leave the shampoo in for. Try to pass this time by distracting your puppy with a game of fetch or tug-o-war. If your puppy rolls around, don’t stress, adding more water in the bath will reactivate the shampoo so that your puppy is clean once again.

  • Rinse Your Puppy Thoroughly

Rinse all remaining puppy shampoo out of your puppy’s fur. This will most likely take longer than you expect, so have patience. In longer haired puppies, it makes take up to 5 minutes to be completely rinsed off.

  • Dry Your Puppy Gently

Gently pat your puppy down with a soft towel or using a grooming dryer which blows the water off your puppy’s body. Do not use a heated hair dryer or vigorous towel movements. Doing so may cause irritation for your pup.

how to give a puppy a bath

 How Often Should a Puppy Be Washed?

The frequency of a puppy’s baths is extremely individual. It depends largely on whether your puppy has a healthy coat and skin, and whether he/ she needs it or not. Puppies who spend a lot of time outdoor will accumulate more dirt and grease in their coats and will therefore need more baths. Some dogs accumulate oils and greases quicker than other dogs so it is really just a matter of monitoring your puppy’s coat yourself.

What is Hydrobathing And Should I Give My Puppy A Hydrobath?

Hydrobathing uses a high pressure showerhead which disperses water combined with your puppy shampoo at the same time. This hydrobathing method can then have the effect of massaging your puppy and has the ability to more deeply penetrate your puppy’s coat. Hydrobathing your puppy can therefore create a hassle free and convenient puppy bathing routine that will positively imprint them and they will retain this positive association to being washed as adult dogs, so hydrobathing can definitely be an enjoyable bathing experience for both you and your puppy!

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