How to Give Puppies Medicine

Puppies and medicine don’t often mix. From spitting up their tablets, to eating everything in their bowl except for their medicine, puppies can make the healing process a real nightmare. But it doesn’t have to be this way, follow our puppy medicine guide for some great tips on how to make getting better a whole lot easier.

One important thing to remember is to not blame your puppy for not liking medicine. Think about it this way: If you didn’t know that medicine would make you feel better, would you want to take it?

How to Give Your Puppy Liquid Medicine

Liquid Medicines often come with droppers or syringes which make delivering them a lot easier. When giving your puppy liquid medicine, this should be your first choice.

Hold your puppy’s head gently. Do not tilt it up as this may cause them to resist or inhale and splutter their medicine. Put the dropper or syringe into the corner of your puppy’s mouth. Ensure that the tip is between their cheek and teeth and is pointing towards the back of their throat.

Empty the dropper or syringe into your puppy’s mouth and hold it closed. Softly blow onto their nose or gently stroke their throat to encourage them to swallow. It’s important to be calm during this time to avoid stressing your puppy. Use a calming tone to encourage your puppy and when you are confident that they have finished their medicine, treat them for their good behaviour.

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How to Give Your Puppy Tablets with Food

Some medicines can be given with food while others can’t. If your vet doesn’t recommend delivering it on an empty stomach, ask them whether your puppy’s specific medicine can taken with food.

If your puppy’s medicine can be consumed with food, then the best way to get them to eat it is by hiding it in a small amount of food. Hide the tablet in your puppy’s breakfast and/or dinner. Start with a much smaller portion than usual. This encourages your puppy to eat everything in their bowl. This way, you can give them the rest of their food after you are sure they have eaten their tablet.

Sometimes, puppies are either too smart or stubborn to eat their tablets and will eat around it in their bowl. In this case, you can get your puppy to eat their medicine by hiding it in a small piece of food such as spam or ham loaf. The trick is to get your puppy to try to swallow the tablet whole, so avoid bigger pieces of food. Puppies are smart and if they sense that the texture or taste of their treats are off, they might spit it out. It’s a good idea to give a few treats first in order to warm them up.

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How to Give Your Puppy Tablets without Food

Giving your puppy medicine without food can be somewhat more difficult than doing so with food. This is due to the simple fact that there is nothing to distract your puppy from the medicine itself.

If your vet recommends that your puppy’s medicine be taken on an empty stomach, then the first step is to get your puppy seated and in a comfortable position. Hold your puppy’s head gently and tilt their head back. Place the tablet as far back in their mouth as possible and close their mouth. Keeping your hands positioned so that you can ensure their mouth stays closed, gently massage your puppy’s throat to encourage them to swallow.

During this process, its important to remain calm. Offer your puppy words of encouragement and reward them for their good behaviour. If you make the process enjoyable for your puppy, you will find it is easier the next time they need to take medicine.

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