Is a Border Collie Puppy Right for Me?

Border Collies make smart, active, and energetic puppies which love to please. These working dogs thrive in working environments and are never happier than when there is a job to be done.

Should I get a Border Collie Puppy?

With ancestry dating back to the 1700s, Border Collie puppies were born to herd. As popular shepherding dogs in the lowland counties of England and Scotland, Border Collies made a name for themselves amongst English Gentry.

Today, Border Collie puppies continue to work diligently, herding livestock and children alike. Because of their adaptive nature and excessive trainability, these puppies make fantastic family pets. In addition, Border Collies are used by the police force for drug and bomb detection, and search and rescue missions.

Border Collie Temperament

What kind of Temperament does the Border Collie Have?

Border Collie puppies are intelligent and active. With plenty of mental stimulation these puppies will become loyal and affectionate. As a result of their inbuilt herding instincts, Border Collie puppies will be vigilant and territorial, making them great watchdogs.

Border Collie puppies are most comfortable in a working environment with plenty of space to roam. When confined to small spaces for extended periods of time, they can become destructive and unhappy. If you’re considering owning a Border Collie puppy, make sure that you will be able to meet their mental and physical.

Border Collie Family Suitability

Is a Border Collie Suitable for a Family?

Border Collies are vigilant, watchful, and loyal. They will watch over children and playfully herd them in a beautifully innocent game of chase. They get along well with children and other pets when socialised from a young age.

Some Border Collie puppies become reserved and snappish around strangers, especially when poorly socialised. In some circumstances, they will nip at strangers’ heels in the same way that they would when herding sheep. As a result, it’s important to socialise your Border Collie puppy from an early age.

Border Collie Size and Physical Attributes

How Heavy is a Border Collie?

14kg – 20kg

Male and female Border Collie puppies will generally grow to weigh between 14kg and 20kg.

How Big is a Border Collie?

50cm – 56cm

As a general rule, male Border Collie puppies will grow to a stand 56cm at the withers. Female Border Collie puppies, slightly smaller, will grow to 50cm tall at the withers.

What is a Border Collie Like?

Border Collie puppies are well proportioned and balanced. Border Collies are slightly longer than they are tall and have a well-defined stop and slightly pricked ears.

They sport a medium length coat and a dense water-resistant undercoat. They are most commonly black and white but can also be found in brown, blue merle, red, and tricolor varieties.

What is a Border Collie Bred For?

The Border Collie is a shepherding breed through and through. They have been selectively bred to produce intelligent, obedient puppies. A significant and notable trait of the Border Collie is their hypnotic ability to herd sheep using their eyes. This technique, known as “giving eye”, sees the Border Collie in a crouched position, staring down sheep to control their motion.

positive training for a puppy
Border Collie pups are very trainable with their supreme intelligence

Border Collie Grooming Needs

How Much Grooming Do Border Collie Puppies Require?

Border Collie puppies are relatively easy to groom however they may pick up leaves, dirt and mud in their medium coat when at work. Weekly brushing is a must, with special attention after time outdoors. Tangles should be dealt with weekly to reduce matting and the feathering down the front legs and tail should be trimmed when necessary.

Border Collie Health Concerns

Are There Any Health Concerns for the Border Collie?

Border Collies are hardy puppies. They’re known for their health and lack of genetic ailments. Furthermore, the health concerns that are known are relatively rare and not serious.

By ensuring your puppy has a nutritious and balanced diet during the critical growth period between 4 and 8 months, you can avoid the onset of most bone problems.

Border Collie Exercise Needs

How Much Exercise Does a Border Collie Puppy Need?

Border Collie puppies are extremely active. To keep them well-muscled and occupied, it is recommended that they receive at least 40 minutes of exercise each day. This includes walks and active play to keep both their mind and body engaged.

Border Collies are known to become destructive and unhappy when they are left alone or confined to the home for extended periods. If you’re considering a Border Collie puppy, it’s extremely important that you are able to meet their exercise needs.

Is a Border Collie right for me
The Border Collie pup requires exercise and playing is a great way of doing something fun and meeting their needs

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