Is a German Shepherd Puppy Right for Me?

The German Shepherd is a multi-purpose breed which finds itself equally at home when working and when being a family companion. The GSD is a one of the smartest puppies and is super adaptable and trainable, making them great family pets.

Should I get a German Shepherd Puppy?

The German Shepherd was originally bred in the 1800s from herding breeds in Germany. Under the guidance of Captain Max von Stephanitz, breeders began to recognize the German Shepherd’s extraordinary intelligence and suitability for working. German Shepherd puppies first graced Australian stores in 1904 and have been a popular working and family breed ever since.

German Shepherd Temperament

What kind of Temperament does the German Shepherd Have?

German Shepherd puppies are smart and generally easy to train. They are active puppies that love having something to do. German Shepherd puppies can make great family dogs when trained carefully and socialized from a young age.

German Shepherd puppies can be prone to nervousness, over-guarding, and aggression. To prevent negative behaviours, your German Shepherd puppy should not be confined to a kennel and should be carefully socialised and obedience trained.

Care should be taken to expose your German Shepherd puppy to different people, situations and pets. By doing this, you will ensure that your puppy understands how to act when in these situations.

German Shepherd Family Suitability

Are German Shepherd puppies good with children?

German Shepherd puppies can make great family dogs when they are socialised and trained carefully. They are loyal protectors and will stop at nothing to defend their family. Keep in mind that if you have younger children, you will need to go to extra effort to ensure that your children and your German Shepherd puppy get along.

German Shepherd puppies grow up to be large dogs and can be high-strung. If you have small children, they may be easily scared by their large stature and excitability. German Shepherd puppies generally have an extended “puppyhood” and spend up to 3 years adjusting to their adult bodies. This can cause some careless behaviour on your GSD’s behalf.

German Shepherd Size and Physical Attributes

How Heavy is a German Shepherd?

22 – 40 kg

The German Shepherd is a medium-large bred. Male German Shepherd puppies grow to weigh between 30 and 40 Kilograms and female German Shepherd puppies grow to around 22-32 kilograms.

How Big is a German Shepherd?

55 – 65 cm

Male German Shepherd puppies will generally grow to measure 60-65 cm at the withers and female German Shepherd puppies will most often stand between 55 and 60 cm tall.

What are German Shepherds Like?

German Shepherd puppies grow to be large, active dogs with thick double-coats. They have a wolf-like appearance with large, pointed ears and a pointed snout. German Shepherd puppies are recognized for their sloping backline.

German Shepherd puppies can be both medium haired or long-haired however the medium double coat is considered the breed’s standard. Their colours range from black to black and cream, black and red, black and silver, black and tan, blue, gray, liver, and sable.

What is a German Shepherd Bred For?

German Shepherd puppies were originally bred for, you guessed it, herding. They are now used as working dogs in roles such as disability assistance, search and rescue, military roles, police work, and as guard dogs.

German Shepherd Grooming Needs

How Much Grooming Do German Shepherd Puppies Require?

German Shepherd puppies are double coated which means that they require more careful attention when grooming. In addition, German Shepherd puppies shed twice a year. They have earnt their nickname, German Shedders.

Be aware of these grooming needs if you are looking to buy a German Shepherd puppy.

German Shepherd Health Concerns

Are There Any Health Concerns for the German Shepherd?

Because of inbreeding early in the German Shepherd’s history, there are certain health concerns which have become associated with the breed. Most importantly, German Shepherd puppies are prone to canine hip dysplasia.

In addition to hip dysplasia, German Shepherd puppies are susceptible to degenerative myelopathy and osteoarthritis.

Be sure to get your puppy screened for common illness and purchase from a registered breeder for best results.

German Shepherd Exercise Needs

How Much Exercise Does a German Shepherd Puppy Need?

German Shepherd puppies are active dogs. They were bred for work and need up to 2 hours of exercise each day in order to avoid boredom and potentially negative behaviours. If stamina isn’t one of your strong suits, consider hiring a dog walker to keep your puppy in good shape.

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