Is a Labrador Puppy Right for Me?

The Labrador Retriever is an intelligent, easy to train family breed. Instantly recognizable and infinitely popular across the globe, Labrador puppies make perfect family pets.

Should I get a Labrador Puppy?

Labradors puppies make excellent family pets. They are adaptable, social, and affectionate. These characteristics are some among many that have earnt the breed Hollywood fame in movies such as cult classic and tear jerker, Marley & Me. If you’re looking for a family puppy that will fit right into the daily swing of things, then the Labrador retriever may be perfect for you.


Labrador Personality/ Temperament

What kind of Personality/Temperament does the Labrador Have?

Labrador Retrievers make perfect family pets because they are so affectionate, patient, and forgiving. Intelligent, energetic, and food driven, Labrador puppies are easily trained. This makes them perfect for field sports, obedience competitions, and support roles. Labrador puppies have a moderate tendency to bark, however, this is usually to warn you of strangers. Charmingly, these puppies will welcome the same strangers into the home with open arms once you have given them the tick of approval. Labrador puppies can suffer from separation anxiety so it’s important to offer plenty of opportunities for enrichment.

Labrador Family Suitability

Is a Labrador Suitable for a Family?

Labrador puppies are naturally extremely social and highly suitable for homes with children. Their adaptable nature means that they will work well with young children. Labrador puppies often form incredibly strong bonds with the children in the family. In much the same way, Labrador retrievers are comfortable around other pets. Calm, patient, and loyal these adorable puppies will fight right into all aspects of family life.

Labrador Size and Physical Attributes

How Heavy is a Labrador?

Male Labrador puppies generally grow up to weigh around 30 kilograms and female Labrador puppies generally weigh 28 kilograms at full size.

How Big is a Labrador

Labradors are considered large dogs. Male Labrador puppies usually grow to be 52-62 centimeters at the withers with females close behind at 55-60 centimeters.

What is a Labrador Like?

Labradors are strongly built and very active dogs. Labrador puppies have broad heads and soft eyes. They sport a short-medium weather-resistant double coat and feature a very unique ‘otter-like’ tail. Labrador puppies come in black, yellow, chocolate, and liver.  

What is a Labrador Bred For?

Labradors puppies were originally bred on the coast in 17th century Newfoundland. They were purpose bred by fisherman for the retrieval of fishing nets and stray fish from the freezing cold waters of the North-Atlantic, hence the otter-like tail. Labrador puppies were quickly applied to gun sports by the English in the 19th century and were immortalized when the Earl of Malmesbury fell in love with the sturdy dogs and began to breed them.

Today, Labrador puppies are bred as family pets and loyal, loving companions. They make excellent seeing-eye dogs and aid the hearing and visually impaired in getting through daily life. Labrador puppies continue to represent their breed as gundogs and in field trials and obedience competitions.

Labrador Grooming Needs

How Much Grooming Do Labrador Puppies Require?

Labrador puppies are fairly simple to groom. Their thick, dense coats are generally weather resistant and don’t need significant attention. A good brush once a week will do them good and more attention may be needed when moulting. Labrador puppies have a moderate degree of shedding. Click here for more help with grooming.

Labrador Health Concerns

Are There Any Health Concerns for the Labrador Puppies?

Labrador puppies have earnt a moderate reputation as potential problem dogs but this is largely due to over-breeding. Care should be taken when purchasing a puppy to ensure that the breeder has pre-screened for problems including: elbow dysplasia, epilepsy, progressive retinal atrophy, and hip dysplasia. When these checks are performed, the likelihood of encountering any serious ailments is significantly reduced. Another thing that Labrador puppies have a reputation for is obesity. Care should be taken around feeding habits for your Labrador puppy, ensuring they only receive the recommended intake of food each day.

Labrador Exercise Needs

How Much Exercise Does a Labrador Puppy Need?

Labrador puppies are extremely adaptable; they will generally adapt to the amount of time you have for them. It’s important, however, to remember that they should receive a reasonable amount of exercise to avoid problems of joint pain, dysplasia, and obesity. Labrador puppies love long walks, off leash play, and especially water-based retrieving. Give them every possible chance to act out their natural purpose and they will be gratefully indebted. Just be careful around water you don’t want them in! You might find your Labrador puppy has taken an accidental dip without your consent.

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