Is a puppy right for me?

Ask yourself the hard questions?

Can I afford the food for the puppy? Prices can vary $80 to $120 dollars for highend dog food like Blackhawk, Ivory Coat etc.
Puppies should be having the best start to their life they possible can and giving them supermarket cheap food wouldn’t be ideal for their growth.

is a staffy right for me
Puppies should always have a vet check for general health once they come into your family

Can I afford to take it the vet for vaccinations? The puppy will need one vaccination at 6 weeks from the breeder, also from you at 8 weeks, 12 weeks, 16 weeks. Average cost is $80 dollars times 3 is $240 for just the vaccinations and they are so important, ParvoVirus can kill the puppy quickly.

Is a golden retriever puppy right for me
Puppies need good quality kibble to give them a good start to their puppy lives

Which puppy breed is right for me? Lifestyle should play a big part in your decision on which breed and getting a puppy at all, active lifestyle and you want a running partner, there are the dogs to suit most lifestyles we undertake and making that informed decision is critical because the last thing you want to do is re-home or surrender the puppy to a shelter.

is a puppy right for me
Adorable puppy moments, have your camera always on hand to capture your puppy in any moment

Does my wife or husband want a puppy? Because on occasion, they will make a mess, like a child, they need to know rules and can accidentally wee in the wrong area due to our mistakes for example not letting them go regularly outside enough to ensure the puppy goes in the right area then praise or pet or treat occurs for the puppy.
Having everyone on the same page in the house would benefit the puppies training learning curve, consistent training from the whole family is pivotal to a well balanced puppy, mind and body.

is a dog right for me
The puppy will benefit so much if the whole family is on board with training, love and the overall balance of the puppy will benefit

Can you take some annual leave to take of the puppy at the start? Taking some leave from work or having someone transition the puppy into your home is recommended, the forming stage of the puppy is from 6 weeks old to 16 weeks and more you put into this stage the better the adult dog.

The list of puppy articles can help shed some light for you and your puppy

Finally not a page full of just pictures, but useful information! helped heaps

Posted by Nick Elj on Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Very thoughtful advice that has helped me finaly obtain well behaved pups. Thank you

Posted by Kyle Moana on Wednesday, June 26, 2019