Japanese Akita Inu

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Puppy Advice for new owners

Leadership is required from the new owner, the Japanese Akita Inu will benefit to have a consistent presence in their life, the puppy will bond strongly to it’s person, so take time off from work while the puppy is young

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Puppy Advice about temperament traits

The Japanese Akita is loving and loyal breed, the Japanese Akita can be stubborn but that’s down to their intelligence and the leadership from it’s owner

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Size of the adult dog

The Japanese Akita is a large breed, females can be around 30kg while males can get to 40kg

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Advice on Breed History:

The Japanese families would use the Japanese Akita to guard children in the villagers of Japan and the Japanese Akita Inu also went on hunting adventures with their Samurai if they encounter a bear in the north of Japan

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Country of Origin

The Japanese Akita originated in the North of Japan, Akita prefecture

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Exercise Requirements for the Puppy to Adult

The Japanese Akita Inu get their exercising energy in the morning sunset and evening on sunset, they pick the coolest part of the day and you can harness that by walking or letting them run on your private property

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