Plants Toxic to Puppies

We all want the best for our new puppies, but puppies can be adventurous and usually want to explore through their mouths by biting, chewing and licking, hence leading them to be inadvertently at risk to danger and harm. Puppies can especially bite and chew things in the backyard out of curiosity or boredom, so in our very own backyard we must be vigilant, as there could be something potentially toxic or fatal for puppies, such as plants that puppies could have an adverse reaction to from toxins entering the bloodstream, so knowing what is in the garden and keeping the puppy safe is very important.

Here are some plants that could be toxic if eaten by your adventurous puppy or poisonous if pricked by the plant itself on the body of the puppy.

The list of plants toxic to puppies
Agapanthus (Roots)
Aloe (Leaves)
Angels Trumpet (All parts)
Apricots (Stem, bark and seed kernels)
Arum Lily (Spine and bulbs)
Asparagus Fern (All parts)
Avocado (Fruit, leaves, bark, seed)
Azalea (All parts)
Bird of Paradise (Fruit, seeds)
Caladium (All parts)
Cape Lilac (Berries)
Clematis (All parts)
Cotoneaster glaucophyllus (Fruit)
Cycads (Seeds)
Daffodils (All parts but especially bulbs)
Daphne (Berries, bark, leaves)
Dumb Cane Dieffenbachia (All parts)
Foxgloves (Leaves, seeds, flowers)
Frangipani (Sap)
Gladioli (Bulbs)
Hellebore (All parts)
Hyacinth (Bulbs, leaves, flowers)
Hydrangea (Leaves, stems)
Ivy (All parts of most varieties)
Jonquil (Bulbs)
Kalanchoe (All parts)
Lantana (All parts)
Lily (All parts)
Lily of the Valley (All parts)
Lobelia (All parts)
Macadamia (Nuts)
Fruit Salad Plant Monstera (Unripe fruit)
Morning Glory (Seeds)
Nightshade (All parts)
Oleander (All parts, including dead leaves)
Onion (Bulbs)
Ornamental chilli (Fruit)
Philodendron (All parts)
Poinsettia (Leaves, flowers)
Rhododendron (All parts)
Rhubarb (Leaves)
Savin Juniper (All parts)
Sweet Pea (Seeds, pods)
Tomato Plants (Leaves)
Tulip (Bulbs)
Umbrella Plant (All parts)
Wandering Jew (Leaves, stems, sap)
Wisteria (Seeds, pods)
Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow (All parts)
Yucca (All parts)

Plants toxic to puppies

Best way I have found is to google up the plant in question and see google images of different types of plants.

If you have someone who has a green thumb, ask for advice on plants, and if they know any of these species of plant.

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