Puppy Training

Get Puppy Advice for your puppy training needs. This is the place to find puppy training tips that professional dog trainers, veterinarians, dog industry experts, registered breeders and other authoritative sources recommend to start your puppy off right.

We know from our over 30 years’ experience in the dog industry and from the hundreds of conversations we have had with puppy enquirers and puppy owners that it is hard to wade through the swarm of information available on the internet on the topic of puppy training. On top of that, there is the added problem of trying to distinguish between what is a reliable source and what isn’t. But never fear! We have done the hard work for you! Here you will find credible articles on positive reinforcement and reward-based puppy training methods, articles on what to expect in puppy school classes, articles on puppy socialisation and neutralisation, articles on what your puppy training schedule should be, articles on how to stop unwanted puppy behaviour and more!

Puppy Training For Your New Puppy

Your puppy’s integration into your household doesn’t have to be hard, but yes, sometimes it can be a testing time. However, instead of pulling your hair out, you have come here. Congratulations! You are a responsible dog owner and you have definitely come to the right place. Click here to read what makes a responsible puppy owner.

Now that you have identified as a responsible dog owner, a good place to begin is this article on how to set good expectations for your puppy to work out what you want your puppy expectations to be and what are the best puppy training methods available to help you reach the goals you have for your puppy.

It is highly recommended to invest your time, energy (and yes, at times – money!) in puppy training and puppy socialisation. The benefits are outlined here and like with anything in life, if you put in the hard yards now while they are a puppy, then you will reap the rewards and set them up for life.

Dog experts encourage puppy owners to train and social your puppy as much as you can with good people and good experiences during their forming age, with their peak imprint period being between approximately 4 weeks until around 16 weeks of age.

Is a weimaraner right for me
Is a Weimaraner right for me?

Meeting the breeder and the Mum and Dad of the puppy would help to see the temperament that the puppy (could) turn out, the main responsibility is on the new owner, for example, while the puppy is forming it’s views on the world and the interactions it consistently gets from 8 weeks to 16 weeks is critical.

I would always say to our puppy adopters, the more effort of socialising with humans (good people, because lets face it there are some weirdos that can throw off the best of dogs or puppies) so let the puppy interact with good people you know, like family or friends that are comfortable and know how to be around dogs to feel confident and playful.

If your puppy is having behaviour issues and you want to correct it, be in a good state of mind, patient and know the puppy is just a baby and the attention span won’t last long, so make it fun training sessions and short periods of time, start at 5 mins for a puppy then increase it with their age.

If you get a trainer or use a puppy pre school, ensure their method of training is positive reinforcement and that they have studied and even ask to see their certificate and experience with dogs.

Stay clear of training establishments that use punishment reinforcement, I have heard from word of mouth that some use metal in bean bags that when the dog does something wrong, they shake it, to stop the behaviour the people dislike. Now if you think about it, you may stop the initial behaviour but making the dog anxious and now stressed could lead into other areas that could be harmful for the puppy in its future.

Walking on leash, highly recommend to stick to the age of the puppy as a guide, if the puppy is 8 weeks old, do only 8 minutes of walking on lead. The puppy cannot say “Hey, I am tired, please stop. I need a break”.
Age in Weeks of puppy to Minutes walking on leash.

Playing in an open area is different, self regulated play is ideal for a pup and playing with another puppy or dog that you know to teach good behaviours to. I’m not a fan of the dog park, most people do not watch their own dogs with behavioural issues and will teach your puppy in the forming age of their life new behaviours good or bad. You can win this training your puppy by letting a dog that you know it’s past, family dog, friends dog or puppy around the same age.

Know the Breed History of the puppy you decided on; to maximise to the mind and body for a healthy puppy

Is a French bulldog right for me
Which puppy is right for me?

Positive reinforcement method for training the puppy

Treat Behaviour of the puppy you want to be repeated
with treats, loving petting and praise!! “

Consistency is key to having the well balanced puppy