Should I Buy a Purebred Puppy?

The debate between buying a purebred puppy or a mixed-breed puppy is a divisive topic. Is it better to get a purebred puppy? Let’s delve into the discussion and find out.

What are Purebred Puppies?

Purebred puppies are puppies which have a documented pedigree. These puppies and their ancestors have not been mixed with other breeds, thus the term “pure”. They are generally registered with a kennel club such as the ANKC (Australian National Kennel Council) and their lineage can be traced back through a register or “stud-book”.

What are the Advantages of Purebred Puppies?

Advocates of purebred puppies state a few significant reasons to stay away from mixed breeding. Generally, these advantages relate to the predictability of the puppy, the responsible breeding practices of the breeder, and the availability of support.


Purebred puppies are the product of decades of selective breeding. They are developed for a specific purpose, and have appropriate traits to suit this task. As a result, purebred puppies often have more predictable temperaments and exhibit more predictable behaviours. These puppies will even be more predictable in terms of appearance and size.

When you buy a purebred puppy, you can more easily predict how these traits will display in the adult dog. What’s more, you can easily ask your breeder to spend some time with the breeding pair to see the puppy’s direct lineage.

Knowing the characteristics you should expect makes the choice of breed much easier too. Through research, you can develop a good understanding of each breed, allowing you to decide on the best fit for your home.

This predictability also extends to recognising potential health risks. While all puppies can suffer from illness and disease, (pure and mixed breeds included), it can be more difficult to predict the likelihood of these illnesses and diseases in mixed breeds because of their ambiguous lineage. Not only will purebred breeders be aware of the hereditary diseases and issues common for your puppy, they will also generally screen for diseases and health problems to mitigate the risks and will ensure your puppy’s health is up to scratch when you pick up your puppy from them.

Responsible Breeding Practices

Purebred puppies are generally bred by registered breeders who comply with the ANKC’s guidelines on canine health, wellbeing, and responsible breeding practices. These registered breeders strive to ensure that they are doing their best to maintain the livelihood of their puppies and breeding stock.

On the other hand, mixed-breeds are more likely to come from backyard breeders, puppy farms, or animal shelters. Puppies from these breeders have not been subject to the same rigorous standards and are more likely to be the victims of abuse and neglect. There is often no ongoing support offered by these sources after the puppy is purchased and it is up to the new puppy owner to figure everything out by themselves.

By buying a purebred puppy from a registered breeder, you increase the likelihood that your puppy has received the best possible start to life. In addition, you encourage ethical breeding practices and the prioritisation of animal welfare.


Breeders of purebred puppies are generally experts in their breeds. They know the ins-and-outs of looking after their puppies. This information is priceless and can really make a difference when trying to raise a young puppy. Fortunately, most registered breeders are happy to share their vast knowledge with their puppy buyers. Buying a purebred directly from the registered breeder can be a great way to form a support network and raise your puppy in the best way possible.

As you can see, although buying a purebred may cost more than a mixed-breed initially, the benefits quite often outweigh the costs over your puppy’s lifetime. It’s important to consider what’s best in your situation and with your budget.

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