Should I Get a Second Puppy?

So, you’ve settled in with your puppy. You’ve established routines. They have their favourite toys and you have developed a close bond. This is an exciting time for many new puppy owners.

It’s around this time, however, that many puppy owners start to feel a growing urge within themselves. You notice the way your puppy feels when you leave, and you’ve started to feel guilty when they whine. At this point you start asking yourself “should I get a new dog?”.

This question is a difficult one which raises many more, but it is worth considering for the happiness and well-being of your puppy and your family. In this article, we discuss some of the key things to consider you’re pondering this question.

Should I Get Two Puppies?

Domesticated dog breeds descended form wild wolves which lived in large interdependent packs. These wolves depended on their packs to survive. Puppies today share this pack instinct and will treat you and your family as their “pack”.

Therefore, it is perfectly possible for a single puppy to live happily with one family, however, they may benefit from the company of another puppy. Having some canine company for your puppy can reduce their separation anxiety by giving them someone to play with while you’re gone. Raising two puppies at the same time can be a difficult adventure.

What Should I Think About if I Plan to Get Two Puppies?

You might be tempted to adopt two puppies from the same litter. After all, these puppies will have a strong connection forged from birth. If you’re considering this, its important to keep in mind the money, time, and space needed to raise two puppies at the same time.

Training two puppies at the same time can be something of a nightmare. It can be difficult for a puppy to understand what they should be doing when there’s another puppy doing the wrong thing in their vision. Having two, active puppies running around makes it difficult to concentrate on learning. In addition, puppies can potentially build on each other’s negative behaviours.

Lastly, it’s extremely important to consider whether you possess the resources required for owning two puppies. Do you have the space for two puppies? Can you afford twice the food and twice the vet bills? If so, then consistent training and persistence will ensure the that your puppies will settle in fine.

How Can I Raise Two Puppies at The Same Time?

It’s important to raise both puppies with consistent training and firm guidelines. If your first puppy is well trained, it will make the process of bringing a second puppy into your home much easier. This is because your second puppy will learn the correct behaviours from your first.

In addition, it’s important to choose breeds and puppy personalities which are compatible. If your first puppy is small and placid, bringing in a large, excitable puppy may create anxiety and shyness. Opposite sexes often adjust to each other better, however, ensure that your puppies are desexed before mixing. If you are getting puppies of the same sex, make sure they’re desexed to minimise clashes.

Raising two puppies at the same time can be an amazing experience when done right. Twice the puppies mean twice the fun. If you feel as though you can handle two puppies, then a second canine companion can massively improve the lives of both you and your puppies.

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